War in the Wilderness Book Available at Randall House

“This book dares to win, equipping people of faith to fight victoriously, especially for family, when life is not as it should be.

We live between two gardens: Eden and the New Jerusalem. Between the gardens there is only desert; a biblical metaphor for life. Three main words in the Hebrew language describe the desert: midbar, t’siyah, and yashiymown—three kinds of deserts and metaphorically three kinds of life experience. In midbar you can survive if you know what you are doing. Midbar is what we call, normal. It’s not exactly right, but it’s as good as it gets outside the Garden.

In t’siyah you can survive if you have help. This is deeper, darker, hotter, and even more chaotic. There are times in life when the soul of your family is scorched. In the t’siyah parts of life, you can’t survive unless you have help. Yashiymown is desert you cannot survive. Yashiymown is wild, unbearable, and unfit for dwelling. In this time of life, only a miracle from God and His presence will sustain you and your family.

Life between the gardens is a desert. It’s all challenging but some parts are almost impossible. The most important action we can take to lead our families through such a war in the wilderness is to cry out to God. He will hear you.

Readers will gain an understanding of the reality of the spiritual wilderness in which they live, love, and lead their families, while overcoming fears about the warfare their family will face.

Brian Haynes, D.Min., has served the church locally and globally as a ministry leader and pastor for over 25 years. His work focuses on family, parenting, and discipleship. As a husband and father, Brian has led his family through spiritual warfare, and he shares his experience of fighting for family when life isn’t as it should be.”

For more information or to order a copy visit: https://store.randallhouse.com/product/war-in-the-wilderness/?mc_cid=4dfd28c5b2&mc_eid=3b1390cf0c

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