The Texas Challenge is the online publication of The Texas State Association of Free Will Baptists. It has a fourfold purpose:


We want to keep our members informed about what is happening in Free Will Baptist churches in the State of Texas, as well as the missionaries we support. We also want to share important news from our denominational organizations.


We want to challenge one another in evangelism, discipleship, and outreach to our neighbors. Texas is not just our home, it is our mission field.


We want to encourage one another in our tribulations. We are a small association in a very big state. Being spread out can be difficult at times. Sharing and reading our experiences will strengthen our faith and help us to persevere.


We desire to instruct one another in the truth and application of God’s Word. As the world continues to change around us we face new challenges every day. We remain committed to face them in biblical and prayerful ways. We may not always agree on methods, but we must always be unified on the message.

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