Less Burnout

If there was ever a time to talk about burnout, stress, and throwing up the white flag, that would be now. What a crazy, unpredictable time we’re living through now. Pastors, if you’re running out of material to use for end times illustrations and sermon topics, you might be in the wrong business! My daughter […]

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Bible Studies from WNAC

“In the January-March 2021 Treasure Study Guide, Amy Johnson, WNAC Board Chair, shares “Our upcoming theme for the 2021 Bible studies is ’20/20Vision.’ We are to fix our eyes upon Jesus, seeing things through God’s eyes, not our own. We must obey His instructions, draw close enough to God to get a clearer vision, and […]

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Shine! Advice

“Sometimes it can be really hard to get teenagers to open up, then when they do you may not know what to talk about. The normal, “how are you?” and “how is life going?” may not get you much of a response. Here are just a few questions that could help you start a great […]

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Pray for the Thigpen’s Family

“Welch College President Emeritus Charles A. Thipgen died today in Macon, Georgia. He was 94 years old. His wife, Mrs. Laura Coker Thigpen, died earlier this week, Monday, December 28. They both had been hospitalized for COVID-19 at the time of their deaths. The Thigpens leave behind a long legacy with Welch College. They joined […]

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Continued Prayers and Condolences

“Mrs. Laura Thigpen, wife of Welch College President Emeritus Charles A. Thigpen, died last evening in Macon, Georgia. Mrs. Thigpen had been hospitalized earlier with COVID-19. She was 94 years of age. Please continue to pray for Dr. Thigpen who is still in the hospital and their daughters Laura Cannon, Ann Maines, Ruth Slaten, and […]

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Mexico Missions Update

“Getsemani Children’s home was founded 15 years ago by John & Paulina Bivens. Located in the village of Morelos, State of Coahuila in Northern Mexico across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. Currently we have 15 children, some of whom have been with us the entire 15 years. We also have ten staff members. The […]

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Saints Bring Home National Championship!

“Today at 11:30 AM, the Saints took on Pensacola Christian for the NCCAA DII National Championship. The Saints looked to get retaliation after getting upset last season in the tournament.Both teams played outstanding on the defensive side the whole game. Jared Spencer had a spectacular performance after saving eight shots for the Saints. The Saints also had […]

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