Randall Job Opportunity

“Start Date: January 2022 Salary: Commensurate with experience Randall University seeks an individual called to serve as registrar. As the current registrar is retiring, there will be a significant onboarding process in order to train for institutional responsibilities. Core competencies include: organizational skills and interpersonal skills. JOB DESCRIPTION The Registrar assumes primary responsibility for theContinue reading “Randall Job Opportunity”

CE Board Support for Students

“The CE Board would like to support all Texas students who are going to be on Truth and Peace and eTeam this summer. We know that includes Thomas Wilhite (eTeam)l, Katelyn Ferguson (T&P and eTeam) and Elisa Howell (T&P).  If you know of any others, please email Teressa Voltz as soon as possible. mtvoltz@consolidated.net  Thank you!”Continue reading “CE Board Support for Students”

Meaningful Gift Idea for Kids

Clubhouse Magazine is a great gift that keeps giving. “Looking for ways to help your kids make their faith their own and understand more about God? Every month Focus on the Family Clubhouse® magazine (for ages 8-12) is packed with awesome stories, jokes, puzzles and quizzes. To help your child get the most out of each issue,Continue reading “Meaningful Gift Idea for Kids”

Elisa Howell Accepted to Truth and Peace

“Hey everyone, I made it into Truth and Peace, a Free Will Baptist leadership conference! I am raising money so I can go on the trip next summer. I will go to Nashville, Tennessee for the first week, then will go to Birmingham, Alabama. The trip will be July 13th through July 27th. Thank youContinue reading “Elisa Howell Accepted to Truth and Peace”

Katelyn Ferguson Accepted to Truth and Peace

“About My Trip I am honored to have been selected for the Truth and Peace Student Leadership Conference 2022. I would appreciate your prayers for myself and the rest of the T&P team. If you would like to support me financially, please click the donate button. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.–Continue reading “Katelyn Ferguson Accepted to Truth and Peace”

Confronting Sin

“Do you have people in your church your church who have fallen in sin and you would like to see them restored? Check out this new resource, Judgment and Redemption: Confronting and Correcting Sin in the Church by F. Leroy Forlines and the Ministerial and Family Life Committee. This resources provides biblical and practical ways to address sinContinue reading “Confronting Sin”