TWAC Mission Report

“Missions Moment (Sponsored by Fellowship WAC) Rusty and Brenda Carney returned to Japan on June 8, 2019, after sharing how God has worked through them during the last term in Bihoro in eastern Hokkaido, Japan. The couple has a passion to see many Japanese come to know Christ through Japanese Christians being strengthened, discipled, andContinue reading “TWAC Mission Report”

Quarterly Update

Hello everyone, Attached is the quarterly update from the State Office and the Executive Board for your information and sharing among your districts, churches, and members.  In addition, here are a few additional announcements and reminders from National Agencies: The recap and other information from this year’s National Convention in Memphis can be found at reading “Quarterly Update”

In Remembrance of Chuck Vaughn

Brother in Christ, Chuck Vaughan, went to be with his Lord several weeks ago. He faithfully served First Church of Houston, Iglesia Bautista Libre, (Bro. Dino’s Church), and awhile at the Tomball location. He also served a short time at the State level as Assistant Clerk. In addition to all this, he faithfully served theContinue reading “In Remembrance of Chuck Vaughn”

The Chosen: Watch and Discuss

Christian cinema is not always top notch. At least in the money given towards it, the special effects, the actors and actresses, or the storylines. Wow, I guess I could’ve just left that last line and off! We understand, though. The big money of Hollywood and the corruption that comes with it is not backingContinue reading “The Chosen: Watch and Discuss”

Pray for Students Starting School Soon

From Randall University’s webpage: “Our fall semester is officially kicking off beginning on August 12! Students: if you are not enrolled, you need to get with your advisor to get prepared for the fall semester! We look forward to welcoming you to our campus, again or for the first time! More information will be givenContinue reading “Pray for Students Starting School Soon”

Randall’s New Chair and Director of Christian Ministry

“Randall University is proud to announce Dr. Stephen Ashby as our new Chair and Director of Christian Ministry! We are looking forward to all Dr. Ashby will bring to Randall this Fall! President Robert G. Thompson is proud to announce that Dr. Stephen Ashby will serve as the Chair and Director of Christian Ministry atContinue reading “Randall’s New Chair and Director of Christian Ministry”

Beautiful Update from the Simmons

“Testimonies heard today: “Before I gave my life to Jesus, I was angry & beat my kids for the smallest reasons; I don’t do that anymore.” “I put the Word of God & church as first priority. If an animal gets lost on a church/discipleship day, I don’t go looking for it—I go to studyContinue reading “Beautiful Update from the Simmons”