“The Simmons in Kenya shared recently that it rained in Sesia! Earlier this week they shared, “Please don’t stop praying for rain! The ‘rainy season’ has officially ended, but our God can bring rain anytime! The drought has been severe for so long that there will have to be rain for many days in aContinue reading “Rain!”



Messiah’s Ranch Christian Camp 10061 Taylor Road Bryan, TX 77808 979.777.6618 Cost: $125.00 if registered by January 29, 2023 ($150.00 thereafter) Speakers: Roy Harris and Aaron Harris (father and son) Thursday, February 23 6:00 pm through Saturday, February 25 11:00 am **Long range target practice, skeet shooting, fishing (bring own equipment)

6 Sustaining Lifelines for Leaders by Dan Reiland

The path of leadership is never constant; there are always highs and lows, good days and bad days. The challenge is to remain consistent through it all. Consistency elevates people’s trust and confidence in your leadership. We are different in our wiring and current circumstances, but there are clear patterns in the conversations I’ve hadContinue reading “6 Sustaining Lifelines for Leaders by Dan Reiland”