E TEAM Support for Katelyn

“We are so excited for Katelyn to have the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Panama in June with ETEAM 2023. If you are interested in helping partner with Katelyn financially to have this great opportunity to serve and spread the Gospel in Panama, please click the link to donate to her account. Most importantly thank you for praying for her and her team as they prepare for this trip!”



2022 Leadership Conference

Keynote sessions from Dr. Robby Gallaty and breakout sessions from various other speakers will focus on the theme “Discipleshift” at the 2022 Leadership Conference December 5-6.
Registration is $250 and includes all conference sessions and materials and four meals. Register online, find conference information, or download the conference program at https://nafwb.org/leader/.
Evening sessions with Dr. Gallaty will be streamed live on the NAFWB Facebook.

Welch College Cross Country Runner Receives Top NCCAA-DII Award

‘Mitchell Moody has received the Elvin and Joyce King Award Division II Men’s cross country from the NCCAA. This award says, “The NCCAA honors student-athletes for excellence in their Christian testimony, in the classroom, and in their sport.”

Mitchell came to Welch College in the fall of 2019, majoring in math education and music education. “Mitchell has a servant’s heart, and it has shown through his leadership on campus,” stated Cross Country Coach Matt Bracey. “He has been a model student-athlete who loves the Lord and strives to glorify Him in all he does.”

Mitchell has been named to the President’s Honor Roll every year of his matriculation, as well as the Music Student of the Year and the Welch College Male Student-Athlete of the Year. He has also remained engaged in his local church, Sylvan Park Free Will Baptist Church, playing piano and teaching children.

Athletic Director Greg Fawbush said, “Mitchell has been the model student-athlete for Welch College. He achieved high marks in the classroom while excelling in the sport of cross country and setting a high standard for the rest of the student-athletes to try and reach.”

Moody qualified for the NCCAA Division II Men’s Cross Country National Championship all four years of his career, running his career-best this past year with a time of 30:30 (6:08 per mile) for 8k (4.97 miles).

“We are so proud of Mitchell,” said President Matt Pinson. “He’s one of our premier athletes, demonstrating that perfect combination of academic and athletic excellence.”

For the NCCAA release, please go to this link https://thenccaa.org/news/2022/11/10/mens-cross-country-dii-mitchell-moody-named-2022-dii-cross-country-king-award-recipient.aspx?elinkdata=%40ELINKDATA%40

Questions about Welch College’s Cross Country team may be directed to Coach Bracey at mbracey@welch.edu or Athletic Director Fawbush at gfawbush@welch.edu. “

Thankfulness Can Be Contagious

By Lauren Biggs

Join us in our 7-day social media challenge to give thanks…kicking off on November 18. For seven days in a row, IM invites YOU (and your friends and church) to post one thing you are thankful for on social media. From a loved one, to a good cup of coffee, to your small group you do life with, to your Bible, we want to create an awareness in your life of thankfulness.

Throughout November, you may have seen our social media accounts, or even received a personal email from us, as we GIVE THANKS for you. So join us November 18-24 in giving thanks and invite your friends to participate, too!

How it works:

  • Take a photo (or use a previous photo you have in your camera roll).
  • Upload your photo to your social media channel of choice (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…or all three).
  • In your caption, share why you’re thankful for what you’re sharing.
  • Use the hashtag #imgivethanks each day in your post.
  • Ask your friends to participate with you.
  • Enjoy content from your friends and family, and let God use this time to encourage your heart with thankfulness.

Be contagious! Let thankfulness spread from your heart to the ends of the earth.

Pray for the Simmons

UPDATE ON EDDY: Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for all the prayers that are being poured out to the Lord on Eddy’s behalf!! I would say this has been the scariest day of my life. What began yesterday as a sudden onset SEVERE headache alarmed us enough to contact an AIM AIR pilot friend at sunup this morning to get a plane to get Eddy to the hospital. We’re SO THANKFUL they came quickly, because Eddy’s condition deteriorated on the flight. Unbearable head pain, numbness in his left arm. Later in the morning, the numbness moved to all extremities, with his arms shaking. Very frightening. It took many hours, but the pain meds have finally begun to lower his pain levels, and some of his numbness has subsided. He’s in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) overnight, where he can be carefully monitored. (Please pray that really happens!) A neurologist will see him. All his scans came back normal. Doctors are stumped. (If you have known us long, you know that this “mystery diagnosis” thing has been common for him 🙄) So, please don’t stop praying!! Wisdom for doctors, protection, healing, comfort, peace. (It’s sensory overload in that ward! SO many alarms going off everywhere!) Very limited visiting hours, which is very hard for me. I ALWAYS have stayed with him in the hospital. This ward doesn’t allow that. But the Lord has been very near, reminding me to turn to prayer and His Word when I became overly anxious. “Read the Psalms”, the still small voice said. And peace filled my soul again, through the Truth of His Word.❤️ He is so faithful. We will trust Him!!

Ten Bad Church Work Habits Every Pastor Should Avoid

by Sam Rainer
President & Senior Consultant

A habit is an ongoing tendency with a pattern of behavior that is difficult to change. Bad habits can develop in church workplaces like in any other place of employment. I’ve assembled a top-ten list of some common bad work habits among church leaders.

1. Procrastination. It’s harmful at any level, but the effects of this bad habit are compounded at higher leadership levels. If a ministry leader or pastor consistently procrastinates, everyone is forced into a last-minute fiasco. If top leaders don’t plan ahead, then by default, no one plans ahead.

2. Careless communication. Poor grammar and sloppy writing can create subtle doubts about the message you want to communicate. Write in complete sentences. Proof the worship guide. Check press releases for time and location errors. And, please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t chew gum or crunch ice in a meeting.

3. Confusing informal with disrespectful. In my experience, most church staff are on a first-name basis. In church work, a superior may also be a friend. Direct reports in most churches will likely be more informal than formal with you. These informalities are not usually disrespectful.

4. Taking advantage of leeway. For me, one of the most refreshing parts of being called into ministry from the corporate world was flexible hours. I work longer, more intense hours at the church, but I don’t have to be at my desk for specific times. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many workaholic pastors and many lazy pastors. Neither extreme is admirable, but lazy pastors are especially harmful to kingdom work.

5. Refusing to mingle. It’s a sad truth, but you can work at a church and never be among the people.

6. Consistently running late or going over. A person who does not honor time parameters erodes trust. Occasional offenses are forgivable. A pattern of time abuse shows disrespect for others.

7. Staying in a silo. Most midsize to large churches have departments, programs, and separate ministries. Clear distinctions of job responsibilities accompany these silos. The mission killer is usually not the silo. The mission killer is the “it’s not my job” attitude.

8. Acting as the resident contrarian. “Yes” men and women are annoying. People who always believe their ideas are better are doubly annoying.

9. Badmouthing another church. A blog or social media post is tantamount to yelling in a grocery store with a megaphone. Not many people would air their dirty laundry that way. Publicly bashing another church is weak and cowardly.

10. Politicking. Church work requires smoothing edges and rubbing shoulders with the right people. Constant politicking, however, makes others question your motives.

When leaders get into a pattern of long-term bad behaviors, they are often detrimental to the church. But do not confuse a bad day with a bad habit. Consider the whole of a leader. Does a consistent pattern exist? One-off bad behavior may need to be addressed, but it is not a bad habit. If a leader has done something once or twice, it’s not likely a habit.


We are excited to introduce you to a new and exciting sexual addiction recovery ministry, led by our good friends, Robert and Judy Posner. 24:16 Ministries exists to help men build and maintain a life of freedom from sexual sin and to walk alongside their wives as they heal from the trauma of betrayal. 

Robert and Judy have been married since 1984. They served two churches in senior pastor roles for over 26 years. They have now launched this new ministry to help others who share their journey of pain and trauma. Robert and Judy are Certified Professional Mentors (CPM), providing weekly groups, as well as individual mentoring. 

To learn more about their ministry, visit their website: 2416ministries.org. We are blessed to partner with Robert and Judy in bringing freedom and hope to this generation. 

Mark and Beth Denison


Church Leaders Bootcamp

On January 6-7, 2023, FWB North American Ministries and New Beginnings will host the 2023 Church Leaders Bootcamp. Attached is an image you can post to the Challenge website. Most of the information is on the image. This is not just for pastors; all local church leaders are welcome, both men and women. Please call or email if you have questions or need any other info. Thanks.

John Collier