Worship Workshop in February

Hi everyone,

“We wanted to share with all of the churches in the Central Texas District Association that Fellowship has confirmed with the FWB Music Commission that we will be having an Onsite Worship Workshop on Friday-Saturday, February 25-26. This workshop is intended to help provide local churches with tools, resources, and an outside perspective on worship services and how to identify improvements we can make to meet the needs and goals of our individual congregations. While the content of the workshop will emphasize the ins-and-outs of the worship services at Fellowship, the workshop is intended to provide useful information for all churches, and we have been encouraged to invite others to join us as part of our planning process. In addition, we have requested a Media component for the workshop that would cover aspects of audio/video systems, projection, streaming, and other ideas that are suitable for the resources and capabilities of our local church; we have not yet confirmed whether a member of the FWB Media Commission will also attend or whether we will have an alternate arrangement, but those details are still being pursued.

So, we would like to invite you to attend on February 25-26 if you are able. When we have a more defined schedule/agenda to share, we will do so. The primary cost for the workshop is being covered by Fellowship, but the Media Commission has defined an incremental cost of $100 for each additional church to attend, so you can consider that as well as the schedule in deciding whether you are able to attend. Please consider whether your church would benefit from attending and would be able to come, and if so, please let us know so that we can include you in the expected attendance. Also, if I have inadvertently omitted any of our churches from the mailing list or if you know specifically of one of our FWB churches that would like to attend, feel free to forward to them and/or let me know.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Bro. Doug Dickey or myself. Thanks!”



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