I recently finished an apologetics book. If Christian apologetics is foreign to you, simply think of it as the science of giving a defense of the Christian faith. Apologetics comes from the Greek word apologia, which means “to give a defense.” I frequently speak of it as giving a rational defense for the truthfulness of Christianity. It has always been around and it has always been needed, however, with the available platforms offered today and the rapidly growing opposition towards Christianity from those, I believe the church needs to be equipped more than ever. In 2020, Gallup Poll recorded that for the first time in it’s eighty plus years, church attendance is now below fifty percent. We feel the change. We see the change. And now we are even documenting the numbers. It’s a real issue that the church must not turn a blind eye to.

If you get a chance to read (re)Consider Jesus, let me know what you think. Did it help you or others in their faith? Are there other questions or topics that need to be addressed and written about? This will help me and our pastors and churches to better know what the culture needs help with.

If you are interested in getting the book, you can find it on Amazon. Below is a description of the book that you will find on the back cover.

Following Jesus isn’t a game to me. I am convinced He lived, did what He said, and we can trust the words in the Bible. I believe the eyewitnesses who walked with Jesus, when He was alive, and after they claimed He rose from the grave. I really do. To me, there is more than sufficient evidence to hold their claims and writings as objective truth. 

I know I can’t prove this to you, though. I’m not going to try. I simply ask you to consider, or reconsider, if you have walked away, or stopped searching. Use this as a springboard to jump off into more and deeper studies. Use this as a help guide for someone you know that is asking questions. My intent is for this to be a readable, but intellectually stimulating aid in everyone’s journey. 

Wherever you end up I hope you understand that I write this because I believe it and I care for you. I cannot keep what I believe to be the truth and answer we all need. As Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:17, “Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” He was compelled to. He had a tremendous urgency because of his convictions and love. I feel the same. I hope you meet this Jesus. But not only meet and have a casual friendly relationship, but one that is marked by an overwhelming, life-altering belief and trust.

Purchases available at the link below:



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