TWAC Mission Report

“Missions Moment (Sponsored by Fellowship WAC)

Rusty and Brenda Carney returned to Japan on June 8, 2019, after sharing how God has worked through them during the last term in Bihoro in eastern Hokkaido, Japan.

The couple has a passion to see many Japanese come to know Christ through Japanese Christians being strengthened, discipled, and empowered to share their faith. To that end, they are spending this term in Tokyo. While working in Good News Chapel (with Donnie and Ruth McDonald and Shannon Little) they look for creative outreach opportunities hoping to reach larger audiences with the gospel.

The Carney’s received approval for missionary service to Japan from the Free Will Baptist International Missions Board on April 24, 2007.

Rusty and Brenda arrived in Japan in January 2009. They lived in Sapporo while in language school, then moved to the city of Ebetsu where they finished out their first term working with pastor Hirabuki in the Koinonia church.”

They remained in Hokkaido throughout their second term. They lived in the town of Bihoro and worked with Japanese Pastor Ishii and his family. With teammates Nathan and Linda Snow they endeavored to encourage and strengthen the Bihoro and Abashiri churches.

Both Rusty and Brenda taught English classes at the Bihoro church. Rusty also participated in a preaching rotation at both the Bihoro and Abashiri churches.

The Carneys have three children: Grace Anne, Kelton Roy, and Katherine Joy.


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