Pastor Getaway

Pastors and Pastor’s wives: Did you know you can do a get away for FREE? I’ve never been because my schedule is insane, but I hope to go someday. Check it out:

More Than Just An Inn

“Lamb’s Tale Ministries is designed to provide pastoral care  for Christian ministry leaders and their spouses.  One way they do this is to offer ministry leaders a free two-night stay at The Haven River Inn. No strings attached!  If you desire to stay longer than two nights you may also quality for our discounted ministry rate. 

Another way we assist ministries is by functioning as a Christian Retreat Center.  Those who come to The Haven as a ministry retreat may qualify for our discounted ministry rate.

Whether you are coming with your spouse or with a group, it is our hope that you find rest and refreshment for your body and soul. ​

If you are interested in a free two-night stay go to the link below and apply!”


105 FM 473 COMFORT, TX 78013


(830) 995-3834    




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