2021 NAM Hispanic Power Conference

” May 31-June 1, 2021 North American Ministries will be hosting a Hispanic Power Conference at The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, TN. This conference will be translated into both Spanish and English. We encourage our pastors to come and be a part of this unique experience. We encourage everyone to become apart of this opportunity to come together and learn how to be United for One Vision.


Monday, May 31

6:00 pm Music
7:00 pm Service: Dr. Noe Martinez

Tuesday, June 1

9:00 am Seminar
10:00 am Seminar
11:00 am Seminar
1:30 pm Seminar
2:30 pm Seminar
3:30 pm Seminar
6:00 pm Music
7:00 pm Service: Dr. David Crowe


Dr. Noe Martinez: Pastor of one of the largest churches in Mexico City, Centro de Fe, Esperanza, Y Amor Tacuba. Dr. Martinez is also the president of these churches that are around the entire Mexican Republic.

Dr. Rufo Gomez: Dr. Rufo is a church planter around North America. He is involved in discipling and training his members for ministry. Now Dr. Gomez is planting a church in Smyrna, Tennessee. He is also one of the teachers at the NAM Bible Institute.

Pastor Fernando Bustamante: Fernando is a pastor in Florence, South Carolina who has planted churches around North America and parts of Central America. His passion and heart are in missions to take the gospel where there is none. He is also a teacher at the NAM Bible Institute.

Pastor Alfredo Botello: Alfredo is pastor of Faith, Hope, Love Church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He is the Director and also a teacher of the NAM Bible Institute.

Dr. David Crowe, Executive Director: The Lord has placed a burden on David Crowe to help Hispanic ministry, pastors, and people. David is a successful pastor and evangelist. He has ministered to over 1,300 churches around the country and in other countries as well. After 18 years on the Home Missions staff, he became the executive director of the department and has been serving in that capacity for the past 8 years.

© 2019 North American Ministries “


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