Waco Missions with Jim and Tracey Kilgore

“The Kilgores are planting a new church in Waco, Texas in partnership with the Texas state mission board. Jim and Tracey are no strangers to church planting. After pastoring for some time in California, they planted Heritage FWB, in Greenfield, CA in 2009. Jim has felt a burden for the city of Waco for several years and they are excitedly following God’s calling into the area. The Kilgores moved to Waco in 2021, and they were immediately concerned by the lack of gospel outreach particularly in the North Waco area. They plan to plant a church and live in North Waco, a region with a population of around 30,000 people but only a handful of established churches. Half-way between Dallas and Austin, Waco is a popular stop for visitors from all over the country making it a great region for this new ministry.”


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