Authentic Church Bursting at the Seams – Needing Solutions

When purchasing a small building to gut and remodel we said, “you have to start somewhere.” A few years later, and we are praying and searching for something bigger. Praise God for these kind of problems!

Kids Ministry is overflowing into the lobby and we’re using parking lots of businesses around us. At this point, we think our growth is or will be stunted if we don’t move to a bigger space soon.

The goal isn’t to have thousands of people who are “hearing what their itching ears want to hear.” The goal is to have a church run in a Biblical way. It’s tough to do that at times. Church discipline, holding churchgoers accountable, and disciplining baby Christians is hard work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

People who don’t believe are reaching out to ask Kyle questions all the time. He sets the example of a Godly man who has a genuine heart for evangelism. (I’m his wife, so of course I’ll speak highly of him, but this IS an accurate description). Leaders in the church are following that example and are hungry to share their faith.

Pray with us. Pray for the right location at the right price and pray for the financial needs to be met. Pray for the ministry to continue growing in number and in maturity. Pray for strength in those many times the enemy tries to attack. He does not want this church to thrive, but God does!

We’re thankful for these problems, but we also want them resolved quickly so they do not distract from what is really important – growing God’s Kingdom.

– Beth Howell


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