New Feet Washing Book Published


Thurmon Murphy, a retired Free Will Baptist Pastor, and former editor of The Texas Challenge, has authored a new book called Feet Washing: Heritage | Answers| Application, published by FWB Publications (Columbus. Ohio).


As stated on the back cover: “This book explores the history of feet washing from the early days of the Randall Movement in America, and touches on the Palmer movement, to show that the historic position on the subject, the full Free Will Baptist heritage on feet washing, is that feet washing is up to the individual church and the individual person. In other words, according to Murphy, feet washing is optional. Regardless of your view on the subject you will be better informed on both sides of the issue if you read this book.”


“The book gives arguments both for and against the practice of washing feet as a gospel ordinance and it explains in some detail why those of us who do not wash feet do not do so,” said Murphy. “This is an especially appropriate time for the publication of this book because of the fact that the majority of Free Will Baptists currently do not practice feet washing.”

Feet Washing is available from Amazon, FWB Publications, or by emailing Thurmon Murphy .


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