Master’s Men Prepares for Hurricane Florence

The following announcement is from Free Will Baptist Master’s Men Headquarters:

unnamed (1)

As you are already aware, Hurricane Florence is headed for the eastern coast of the U S., specifically North and South Carolina.

While it is set to make landfall some time on Thursday, we need to be preparing now. We will be corresponding with local leaders in those states to help coordinate when and where we are needed the most. Please keep up with us on Facebook and our website, .

If you are able to go and help, please contact our office and we will notify you when plans are finalized. Keep in mind, first responders will need to complete their mission as well as FEMA and other government entities before we can get in.

If you wish to donate to this cause, you can go to our website and give online through PayPal.

Please be praying for those that will be affected by this impending disaster.


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