Missionaries to Kenya Visit Texas Churches

by Kathy Halbrook
Fellowship WAC and Tomball WAC had the privilege of hearing Amanda Simmons share about their work with the Samburu people in Barsalinga, Kenya.
The Simmons are in the States for a short visit with family and were in the Tomball area visiting Eddy’s parents.
Fellowship WAC with Eddy and Amanda Simmons
We learned so much!
The Samburu are nomadic people, moving to find grass and water for their cattle and camel herds. They live in a hot dry climate, temperatures are in the 100’s year-round. Because of the heat, Eddy and Amanda sleep in hammocks outside.
The Samburu originated from Sudan hundreds of years ago and settled north of Mt. Kenya.  They still live very primitive lives.  Since they have no written language,  the gospel is shared through showing the Jesus movie (in their language), MP3 players with key New Testament stories, and by oral storytelling.
The church they are planting will be a Samburu church, so they have the Samburu Christians in leadership roles. Pray especially for Jackson and his wife and children and for Eunice, who is a widow with teenage children.  They are both mature Christians and have vital roles in sharing the gospel among the Samburu.
The Simmons have a missionary nurse working with them, Victoria Little. She and Amanda see patients every morning.  They have seen hundreds of patients! Some are the usual medical complaints but others are medical emergencies.
Amanda Simmons speaking at WAC meeting at Tomball FWB Church
What a blessing our time with Amanda was! We feel more burdened to pray for them and the Samburu but also more equipped to pray for them.
Some things to pray for:
  1. Physical strength and safety for Eddy, Amanda and Victoria.  During their time in the states, they have all had medical tests, etc.
  2. For them to have wisdom.  Many of the Samburu traditions and beliefs are based on superstition.  Many of them still see the witch doctor, even Christians.  Our Missionaries need God to lead them clearly in dealing with the hard things.
  3. Pray for Discipleship and spiritual growth among the new Christians.
  4. Pray for safety and protection from anyone wanting to harm our missionaries. They have guards around the clock. So pray also for the safety of the guards and for God to show them where to be alert.
Many thanks to Sandy Pierson, Tomball WAC Coordinator,  who planned our meeting.

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