Executive Committee Requests Recommendations

Executive Secretary Keith Burden

At the conclusion of his report to delegates at the 2018 national convention, Executive Secretary Keith Burden announced his retirement, effective December 31, 2019. Burden’s successor will be elected during the 2019 convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Moderator Tim York announced the following procedure for selecting a new executive secretary:

  • The Executive Committee is charged with the responsibility of presenting a single candidate for the position of executive secretary to the General Board of the National Association of Free Will Baptists by July 2019.
  • The Executive Committee will receive candidate recommendations for executive secretary until October 30, 2018. A candidate profile form must accompany each recommendation. This form must be completed online and is available at nafwb.org/candidate.
  • All pertinent information regarding this process will be dispersed to pastors, state leaders, General Board members, state papers, and printed in ONE Magazine.
  • The Executive Committee will recommend one candidate to the General Board.
  • The General Board will recommend one candidate to the National Association.
  • The executive secretary will be elected by majority vote of the National Association.
Moderator Tim York

The following information will be requested on the recommendation form:

  • Candidate’s name, address, phone, and email
  • Present position held and title
  • Personal information: age, date of conversion, marital status, spouse’s name, children’s names and ages, date called to preach, date of ordination, place of ordination
  • Denominational service: churches pastored (with dates); district, state, and denominational positions (with dates)
  • Does this person actively support denominational ministries through the Together Way Plan? (cooperative/designated)
  • Are there any denominational ministries this person cannot support? List and explain why.
  • Education: schools attended, dates, and degrees or diplomas earned
  • Other: awards received, books written, community service, etc.

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