Woodforest Church Thankful for a Great Summer

by Heath Ferguson

We are honored to be able to serve our Lord and to serve our community, and we want to share in this brief video all that your prayers and support have enabled us to do. Thank you for being a huge part of that process here in north Houston. Please remember to pray for God to continue to bless this ministry with souls and opportunites to serve.

Summer Newsletter Highlights:

  1. Vacation Bible School had record attendance
  2. Thank you Joe and Stacie Ange and the Union Chapel mission group
  3. New homeless ministry – learn more at the below link and read the blog by those involved in this ministry: grangerlandrfd.com/for-i-was-hungry
  4. Baptismal Service in August
  5. Pray for the restrictions to be lifted off of our property
  6. Decrease your giving to our ministry by 20% – thank you for your continued support
  7. We love you and appreciate you!

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