TWAC Highlights

by Mitzi Burks

As the summer winds down, we want to share some things that have happened as well as something exciting that is coming up soon!

twac 2018 girls time brochure a

  • TWAC expresses our appreciation to Pine Prairie Free Will Baptist Church & Brother Michael Hunt for being such a gracious host for our State Meeting, for the wonderful meal provided, and use of their fellowship hall for the Meat & Greet! We had a great time of worship, fellowship and rejoicing with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • There were 22 registered, 14 members, 8 non-members.
  • In our business session, the WNAC Provision Closet was adopted as the 2019 TWAC State project, encouraging women to give a minimum of $2.00 per member per month.
  • In January, TWAC committed to support 20 non-believing women to attend the Panamanian Retreat and we praise the Lord for meeting this goal with an end result of 13 salvations!
  • Financial support was provided for 5 Texas Youth participating in mission trips, E-Team, and Truth & Peace, and we were blessed to  hear from Ashton Hood on her missionary trip to France. Mission news was also shared from Robert Bryan, IM, Amanda Schmidt, Church planter to Albuquerque, NM, Janice Banks, Clearview team, and Ana Yacobian, McAllen. And we were blessed by little Emma Flores special ‘God’s Word Will Stand’. So good to have the youth and young adults participating in our services!
  • We were honored to have Elizabeth Hodges, WNAC Executive Director, speaking on Psalm 105:16-19, and weaving in God’s wondrous works in Cuba, Panama, Africa, Central Asia, Uruguay, and Bulgaria, because women who have a heart for the Lord gave. We were reminded to beware of America’s conditioning to ‘excess’, and to focus on God’s bigger plan, representing and sharing Christ.
  • Coming up, all women are invited to “Girls Time”, September 21 & 22, 2018, at Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church, Bryan, Texas. Dr. Janice Banks will be speaking on ‘Storms of Life’, Isaiah 43:2.

twac 2018 girls time brochure b


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