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Alive! Lone Star Youth Conference

June 13-16, 2018

Fee: $119 per person

Location: Collin Creek Free Will Baptist Church, Plano, Texas


Real in Relationships (in Christ)

Real in Ethos (moral nature and guiding beliefs in culture)

Real in Ability (purpose, how one is used by God, being the person God created you to be)

Real in Love (for God and people, and loving yourself, knowing the love of God and embracing it)



6:00pm-7:00pm – Registration

7:00pm -Conference Launch

(games and Conference Challenge)

Challenge – Heath Ferguson

8:15pm – Service #2 – Ron Davis

Snack after service – Nachos


9:30am – Games

10:00am – Service #3 – Ron Davis

11:00am – Six Flags – lunch to go

8:30pm – optional movie at the church with snacks


9:00am – Service #4

– Teens (Auditorium) with Heath Ferguson

– Sponsors (somewhere else) with Ron Davis

10:15am Service #5 with Stephen Kimbrell

11:30am – PinStack – lunch included

6:00pm – Dinner at the church

7:00pm – Games

7:45 – Service #6 – Stephen Kimbrell


9:00am Service #7

– Teens (Auditorium) with Heath Ferguson

– Sponsors (somewhere else) with Stephen Kimbrell

10:15am Service #8 – Stephen Kimbrell

Lunch to go – Chick-Fil-A bags to go

Hotel Information


Phone: 972.578.2243 – Request FWB Youth Conference

Online promo code “fwb”

Cut-Off: May 29, 2018


Book your group rate online.

Cut-Off: May 13, 2018

Sponsored by: Texas State Christian Education Board

Questions? Contact Heath Ferguson


Click HERE to Register TODAY

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