Less Burnout

If there was ever a time to talk about burnout, stress, and throwing up the white flag, that would be now. What a crazy, unpredictable time we’re living through now. Pastors, if you’re running out of material to use for end times illustrations and sermon topics, you might be in the wrong business! My daughter […]

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Right And Almost Right

I’ve got an affinity for hearing things wrong. Usually when my family and I go through a drive-thru, I stop them from telling me what they want, lean back, and then tell them to proceed by telling the intercom themselves. It just cuts out the middleman (me). I’ve been known to forget it from their […]

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Be Good For Goodness Sake

Be good for goodness sake. This is a topic I discuss in my book that is coming out soon. If you’re singing a popular Christmas song right now, I apologize, but I am too. If we were to ask most people today what is the general purpose of everything and everyone, regardless of religion or […]

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I’ve learned in many ways that I will not make a living by being on the sea. Probably the biggest reason is because I get seasick. About a year ago I got an opportunity to go out with my daughter on a deep sea fishing trip. I had never done it, so it seemed like […]

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Pulling At The Loose Thread

I had a friend in college who journeyed down a dark, no-turning-back alley that he later regretted. It started with a mirror, a razor, and…standing in front of that mirror shirtless. He thought, “I could trim a little of my chest hair there.” And so he did. But then he noticed it wasn’t even on […]

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Kenneth Copeland, Tiger King, and Stoners: What Is People Who Should Not Be Given A Platform

Alright I know, that title was probably not very professional. But like many of you out there, I have had the “pleasure” of reading and seeing many things on social media and TV that equally dumbfound and irritate me. I’m reminded of the moderator’s response to Billy Madison when Billy had just finished giving his […]

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