Satan Isn’t Even Hiding Anymore

There’s a common, possibly overused adage we hear a lot today. “The devil’s not even hiding it anymore.” Obviously this is in reference to evil, ungodly behaviors and attitudes we find more and more prevalent in our modern culture. Part of this being seen more clearly has to do with the abundance of media andContinue reading “Satan Isn’t Even Hiding Anymore”

Pew Research on Religious Trends

Modeling the Future of Religion in America If recent trends in religious switching continue, Christians could make up less than half of the U.S. population within a few decades How we did this Since the 1990s, large numbers of Americans have left Christianity to join the growing ranks of U.S. adults who describe their religiousContinue reading “Pew Research on Religious Trends”

Halloween/Fall Fest/Church?

Well it’s that time of year again. Candy, ghosts, goblins, Hocus Pocus 2, and the debate from Christians on this day. From one side you are worshiping Satan if you are not fully against. From another side you’re seen as legalistic, fanatical, or maybe even unreasonable. So which is it? What if those aren’t theContinue reading “Halloween/Fall Fest/Church?”

Financial Match Challenge: Authentic Church

The Texas Mission Board has issued a tremendously gracious challenge: a match of up to $20,000 towards the much needed fund for Authentic Church in Victoria, TX! As the pastor of Authentic, this was a huge surprise and blessing to know that we were being supported. This has been the greatest time of my ministryContinue reading “Financial Match Challenge: Authentic Church”

Meta…This Ain’t Your Grandparents World Anymore

There is a show on Amazon Prime that has as its premise the idea that people would upload their minds into this virtual world where they could live on. Their loved ones and people who worked for this company could enter into this virtual world by way of putting on virtual reality glasses. This ideaContinue reading “Meta…This Ain’t Your Grandparents World Anymore”

WW3, End Times, Questions…

It’s a fast-paced, hard-to-keep-up-with barrage of information we can receive from all the news and social media outlets. For some people the words “Breaking News” is a drug to their eyes that they can’t get enough of. “What’s happening now? Is it WW3? Is this actually predicted to happen right before Jesus returns? What doContinue reading “WW3, End Times, Questions…”


I recently finished an apologetics book. If Christian apologetics is foreign to you, simply think of it as the science of giving a defense of the Christian faith. Apologetics comes from the Greek word apologia, which means “to give a defense.” I frequently speak of it as giving a rational defense for the truthfulness of Christianity.Continue reading “(re)CONSIDER JESUS”