Is God A Moral Monster

It’s no secret that in our modern world, more people are considering alternate religious views other than Christanity, or are just considering alternate interpretations of the traditional Biblical understanding of God. I try my best to see what most of the critiques and objections skeptics pose towards Christianity are. I also want to see, notContinue reading “Is God A Moral Monster”

The Chosen: Watch and Discuss

Christian cinema is not always top notch. At least in the money given towards it, the special effects, the actors and actresses, or the storylines. Wow, I guess I could’ve just left that last line and off! We understand, though. The big money of Hollywood and the corruption that comes with it is not backingContinue reading “The Chosen: Watch and Discuss”

Wokeness, Cancel Culture, and Christianity Redefined

This is an interesting time to live, to say the least. It’s become “normal” (I think that word even has new meanings now) to hear phrases like, “this is unprecedented” and “I’ve never lived through anything like this before.” Now, my teenage daughter schools me (seems like daily) on words or phrases I don’t know.Continue reading “Wokeness, Cancel Culture, and Christianity Redefined”