Financial Match Challenge: Authentic Church

The Texas Mission Board has issued a tremendously gracious challenge: a match of up to $20,000 towards the much needed fund for Authentic Church in Victoria, TX! As the pastor of Authentic, this was a huge surprise and blessing to know that we were being supported. This has been the greatest time of my ministry life, doing what God called us to do. I have grown the most and been challenged and stretched beyond what I thought God would ever do. It has been an honor getting to serve here. And I feel God is only beginning to scratch the surface of what He wants to do here and past. 

If you do not know, we have been looking for some time for a new building that would allow for us to have room for the kids, room to grow in the sanctuary so that we can do more and invite more, and room to be able to park. Just recently we purchased a new place (new to us) at an extremely low price, so that we can completely remodel the whole property. One of the necessary remodels is the parking lot. The lot in the back is big enough, but we have to pave enough parking places to appease the requirements of the city. 

I can’t begin to share with you all the excitement I have thinking about what all we can do with this new place! I find myself going there by myself to pray, dream, and even take chalk so I can draw up on the floor where all the seats are going to go! 

If you can possibly help us with this huge goal (or above, who am I to put a limit on it!), then our church would be so very thankful for your generosity. If you need any more information, I would be happy to talk, or answer any questions. 

Thank you for your help and prayers!

Kyle Howell

Pastor, Authentic Church

Ways to give: Text to give @ 84321, or Mail donations to Authentic at 209 Taos Victoria, Tx 77904, or give through Texas FWB Missions


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