Pastor Wife Appreciation

“No matter the life stage she is in or the ministry roles she takes on in your church, the pastor’s wife walks through all of the ups and downs of ministry with her husband. Even in the healthiest of churches, it can be a lonely and difficult role to be in. We encourage your church or your family to take time this month to show your honor and support for your pastor’s wife. Only she knows the weight of the burdens she carries.

Mrs. Carolyn Dwyer, pastor’s wife and veteran in ministry for over 50 years, has begun a ministry through the Executive Office to our NAFWB pastor’s wives. She has been featured on the Better Together Podcast and presented seminars at the 2022 National Convention and Leadership Conference (see links below). She has also begun to offer a Pastor’s Wife Hangout each month via Zoom. The next hangout is April 18.”

You can register by emailing us at (Better Together Podcast)

The Pastor’s Wife: Its Realities and Rewards (seminar from the 2022 National Convention)

The Pastor’s Wife: Our Ministry in Discipleship (seminar from the Leadership Conference)


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