Authentic Church Mission Funds Match

The Texas Mission Board offered to match up to $20,000 for the Authentic Church building project, and we have raised $17,000 so far. We are so thankful for the many churches, organizations, and individuals who have gotten us this far! Please help us push for that final $3,000!

Everyone knows building expenses are higher than ever. We are expecting to spend at least 50,000 more than we originally estimated and may need a loan to cover those expenses if we do not get enough donations. No worries though because God has always and will always provide.

We are still filling the current church and are still limited by the amount of space we have. Pray for the hearts of those we are working with. Kyle is in contact with people from all walks of life and our church continues to reach out to those who do not believe. Some people we are currently working with have open hearts and need the Holy Spirit to lead them towards a faith in Christ. Please pray for them.


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