Know Your Community

” What FWB Pastors Are Saying About KYC

  • “Every church should utilize this resource to help you know how to pray for your community and build strategic goals to reach them.”
  • “The KYC process was a shot in the arm for our church in fostering a culture of evangelism and outward-oriented thinking.” 
  • “The results of the Know Your Community [report] help us know the pulse of our community and where we can begin building relationships with these people in order to have Gospel conversations with them.”
  • “Know Your Community has helped us understand how to love our neighbor better, and has equipped and encouraged me as a pastor to lead our church as we do that!”

Dr. Eddie Moody highlighted some of the research data in an article in the February-March issue of ONE Magazine: “What the Data Tells Us: Lessons From Know Your Community.”

Find out how to order a report for your church and its community at “


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