Heart for Harvest

“Harvest FWB Child Care Ministries is asking all churches, Women’s Ministries, & Master’s Men groups to consider receiving a special offering Sunday February 12th 2023 for Harvest. Our goal this year is to pay off the mortgage for our Virginia campus. Oklahoma, & Arkansas Free Will Baptist’s have had a huge part in the children’s home in Virginia since the beginning. In 2000 Rev. James & Linda Stepps came to Oklahoma to see how OK & AR FWB’s would respond, and they were not disappointed. Not long after, Bro. George & Sis. Judy Hyatt moved to Oklahoma to be the Advancement Representatives in Oklahoma & Arkansas. While here, they raised monthly funds for the Virginia Children’s Home & not long after our Mexico work was born. After the Hyatt’s retirement, Bro. Charles Barnard stepped in to carry on the mission of Harvest Mexico in Oklahoma & Arkansas. In July of 2019, I took the plow and started breaking  ground in Texas! Through our combined efforts, Oklahoma, Arkansas, & now Texas FWB’s have deep roots in a small piece of property in Virginia & Mexico.

While I continue to primarily represent our home in Mexico, I am asking on behalf of Harvest in Virginia for you to consider helping in a big way one more time. We are hoping this will be our last Have a Heart Sunday. On August 5th 2023, Harvest Free Will Baptist Child Care Ministries will celebrate 30 years of ministering to children, and there we pray we are able to burn the note!

Thank you so much for your years of faithful generosity to Harvest Free Will Baptist Child Care Ministries both in Virginia and Mexico.”

Serving Christ Through Kids

Steven Shotzman

Advancement Representative


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