IM Update

“An update from the Simmons in Kenya as they reflect on ending the 2022 year – “HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we reflect on 2022, we are filled with gratitude and praise for all the Lord has done! There were ups and downs, hills and valleys, joys and heartaches. But, through it all, the Lord has been faithful to work in His power, for His great glory. He has worked through many of you this past year, as you partnered in the Gospel with us through giving, praying, and encouraging us. SO many generous gifts to the ministry, to Solar MP3 players, and some personal gifts to us. THANK YOU! Why the photo of the empty shelves? Because we saw 136 patients this week, and we gave out all our medicine! In 2022, we saw 1,221 patients. (That’s the 2nd photo, my handy dandy record-keeping system.😀) These people not only got medicine, but each one was prayed over, had opportunities for spiritual discussions, and got to listen to the Word in their language while they waited their turn. We pray they felt the presence of the Lord Jesus while here. 44 people surrendered to Christ in 2022, many as a result of their time at the clinic.🙌 We praise the Lord for His good work—we simply make ourselves available to Him. 14 people were baptized this year. We celebrated the Lord’s Supper 3 times in the last 12 months, and introduced foot washing this Christmas. The believers are making new songs from what they are learning from the Bible. We see lives being changed before our eyes. GLORY HALLELUJAH!!! Thank you, faithful friends and prayer warriors, for your part in that. Have a blessed New Year!” (2 photos attached)”


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