Thankfulness Can Be Contagious

By Lauren Biggs

Join us in our 7-day social media challenge to give thanks…kicking off on November 18. For seven days in a row, IM invites YOU (and your friends and church) to post one thing you are thankful for on social media. From a loved one, to a good cup of coffee, to your small group you do life with, to your Bible, we want to create an awareness in your life of thankfulness.

Throughout November, you may have seen our social media accounts, or even received a personal email from us, as we GIVE THANKS for you. So join us November 18-24 in giving thanks and invite your friends to participate, too!

How it works:

  • Take a photo (or use a previous photo you have in your camera roll).
  • Upload your photo to your social media channel of choice (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…or all three).
  • In your caption, share why you’re thankful for what you’re sharing.
  • Use the hashtag #imgivethanks each day in your post.
  • Ask your friends to participate with you.
  • Enjoy content from your friends and family, and let God use this time to encourage your heart with thankfulness.

Be contagious! Let thankfulness spread from your heart to the ends of the earth.


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