Pray for the Simmons

UPDATE ON EDDY: Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for all the prayers that are being poured out to the Lord on Eddy’s behalf!! I would say this has been the scariest day of my life. What began yesterday as a sudden onset SEVERE headache alarmed us enough to contact an AIM AIR pilot friend at sunup this morning to get a plane to get Eddy to the hospital. We’re SO THANKFUL they came quickly, because Eddy’s condition deteriorated on the flight. Unbearable head pain, numbness in his left arm. Later in the morning, the numbness moved to all extremities, with his arms shaking. Very frightening. It took many hours, but the pain meds have finally begun to lower his pain levels, and some of his numbness has subsided. He’s in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) overnight, where he can be carefully monitored. (Please pray that really happens!) A neurologist will see him. All his scans came back normal. Doctors are stumped. (If you have known us long, you know that this “mystery diagnosis” thing has been common for him 🙄) So, please don’t stop praying!! Wisdom for doctors, protection, healing, comfort, peace. (It’s sensory overload in that ward! SO many alarms going off everywhere!) Very limited visiting hours, which is very hard for me. I ALWAYS have stayed with him in the hospital. This ward doesn’t allow that. But the Lord has been very near, reminding me to turn to prayer and His Word when I became overly anxious. “Read the Psalms”, the still small voice said. And peace filled my soul again, through the Truth of His Word.❤️ He is so faithful. We will trust Him!!


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