Student Ministry News

“International Missions is excited about what God is doing through our student ministries this year. According to Leslie Nichols, College Missions Program Coordinator, nearly 100 students were sent out this year to 10 different fields through our CMP, OA (Overseas Apprenticeship), and ETEAM programs. She states, “We wish everyone could hear the stories the students came back with and see the impact these opportunities had both on their lives and, hopefully, the eternal impact our students made on their different fields.”


IM offers three exclusive opportunities for students:


ETEAM (high school students who have just completed 10th-12th grade)

CMP (all college-aged students)

OA (students looking to complete college internship requirements overseas)


Go to to find the applications for ETEAM, CMP, and OA. All three applications close on October 15.  Don’t let the students in your church miss out on this incredible ministry!  Apply NOW! “



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