Dear Supporters of Welch College:

Please be in prayer for my dear friend Dr. Milton Fields, beloved retired Academic Dean and Vice President for Institutional Planning at Welch College. In a CT scan in March his physicians discovered a mass in his liver and diagnosed him with advanced cirrhosis as a result of diabetes and other complications. In recent months he has had twenty surgical banding procedures for blood vessels in his stomach and esophagus to prevent mass bleeding. This condition appears to be terminal. Dr. Fields’s physicians have offered the option of chemotherapy, and he has elected not to undergo that treatment.

Dr. Fields’s sincerest prayer is that he will bring honor and glory to God in this trial. He recently told me that his prayer is that he will “be able to avoid fear, be patient during times of discomfort, and maintain a Christian testimony with all I meet until my time comes. . . . With this type of difficulty, the liver eventually becomes unable to remove the toxins from the blood and ammonia poisoning occurs. This prevents the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and results in loss of some cognition. My prayer is that the Lord will take me before this occurs. I would like to see all come to the point as did one of my physicians last week. He said, ‘I pray that when I approach this time in my life I can do so with as much confidence as you.’”
Let us hold Dr. Fields in prayer. You can reach him via email at


Matt Pinson


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