V3 Information

The Vertical Three Conference (V3) is a national student conference taking place each July as a part of the Free Will Baptist denomination’s national convention. It is dedicated to helping students stand by providing opportunities to worship, learn, practice, and serve.

The Vertical Three Conference provides studentthe opportunity to worship, learn, practice, and serve.

Each night nearly 2000 students take part in the Children’s Worship, 456 Worship, or Teen Worship services. These are times full of fun and fellowship, but more importantly, corporate worship along with biblical teaching and life application.

V3 is also a place for continuing education. Randall House offers several seminars, which focus on timely and relevant topics for the church in general and Free Will Baptists specifically.

For decades, V3 has been the final stop for students who take part in discipleship training through the CTS Ministry Expo available to them in Bible, Music, and Arts categories. These students come from all across the world to participate in events like Bible Memorization, Bible Bowl, Vocal Solo, New Ministry Idea, and more. The purpose of these friendly competitions is to encourage churches and families to find a productive outlet for students to learn Scripture and develop talents that can be used in service to Jesus Christ.

Every year thousands of hours and dollars are donated through programs like Serve the City and Buck-A-Week. As youth groups volunteer and raise money for missionaries, we hope they are reminded of our responsibility to be the hands of feet of Christ.

What is the V3 Conference?


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