Ministry Opportunity at Nationals

You can help even if you cannot attend. If you know someone who is going who is willing to take some items along with them, you can help too.

“2022 IMPACT Birmingham
This year, IMPACT will bless the homeless population in Birmingham during the National Convention in July, but we need you to get involved now. While in Birmingham, we want to provide “care kits” for the homeless that demonstrate the love of Christ in action.

The following list is specifically created from the requests of the homeless population in Birmingham:

Socks (most requested)
Water bottle
Bandages (especially large adhesive bandages)
Wet wipes
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Tuna and cracker packs
Single-serving snacks like trail mix, nuts, crackers
Breakfast or protein bars (avoid chocolate, which melts in the heat)
Nail clippers
Comb and brush
Hand lotion
Lip balm
Can opener
Quarters for laundry
Sewing kit
First aid kit
Ziploc bags
Items to avoid: soap, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, anything with fragrance, large items. Soap, because anywhere they can get a shower offers soap. Hand sanitizer and mouthwash because they often contain alcoholic content, and this is not a good idea for potential or recovering addicts. Fragrance, because it is insulting and many people have sensitivities. Large items, because they are difficult to carry.

Start with a nice zipper plastic bag. Why the zipper? The regular types tend to stop sealing after opening and closing a few times. Spend the extra change to purchase the nice ones. The person who receives this will get a bonus reusable bag to store important personal effects after they use the items from the care kit.

Please take a moment to write a note by hand. This shows that you care. Just like a hand-written thank you note, hand-written invitations, or anything else. Don’t put a tract inside. Most recipients view those like junk mail. One glance tells you what it is, and it gets tossed. Instead, write why you are giving this care kit—that you love, care for, and value the recipient. Include a Bible verse and let them know you will be praying for the person who receives your kit. This will go much further than a tract requiring zero effort.

Your church or youth group can start gathering item and assemble these packs before shipping them to the North American Ministries office. If you cannot purchase and assemble the items yourself, why not consider a donation. These items will be purchased and the kits assembled in Birmingham to avoid shipping costs.

Once onsite in Birmingham, you can get involved in several ways. First, we will meet at 9:00 am, Saturday, July 22, in various locations. The addresses will be provided as we draw closer to the date. We will be working with the Salvation Army. Things you can do include:

Paint (experience is helpful)
Assemble bags for the homeless
Distribute bags to the homeless
Interact with residents in the Salvation Army shelter.”

See the following link for more details:


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