Pray for the Simmons

“Sadly, Covid-19 has run rampant through Sesia in the last few weeks. At first, I thought I was seeing a huge upswing in malaria, then I noticed a few non-malaria symptoms that were common in many patients, like sore throat and congestion. Everyone was telling me that men, women, and children were ALL getting this terrible sickness, one after another. Clearly, this was not malaria, but Covid. A few days after my realization, Eddy began having symptoms, too.😢Today is Day 13. He has been miserable. He was admitted yesterday to Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, for steroids, anti inflammatory meds, breathing treatments, and antibiotics for a raging throat infection. (The doctor says he’s noticed a trend that men aged 45-60 are getting this throat complication that requires hospitalization.😳) His oxygen levels are good, and we are thankful! He’s in isolation, of course, so I can’t be with him. That’s hard. Would you please pray that he will turn the corner tonight and be much improved tomorrow? And praise the Lord with us that, of all the people in Sesia with Covid, Eddy is the only one who has needed to be hospitalized! With all the malnutrition in the Samburu of Sesia, it is an absolute miracle of God that everyone has recovered so well. Also, we are blessed to have amazing medical care. SO MUCH to praise the Lord for!🙌 Every cloud has a silver lining.😊 Thank you for praying.”


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