D6 2022

Why This Theme?

“We all need a RESET from time to time. Coming out of a crisis requires us to evaluate what changed and what stays the same. The shock, confusion, and stress of disruption often cause leaders to misjudge priorities. We chose the theme RESET for D6 2022 to help you in three ways: value the past, look forward, and equally important, the time to properly evaluate without hasty predictions.

The RESET logo has two built-in arrows, one turning back to ensure we reboot from scriptural discipleship principles. The second arrow looks forward by applying those discipleship principles as church and home have changed. By spring 2022, the wisdom gained over time will accurately show where we need to focus while moving forward. Make plans now for your whole team to RESET together.”

More information and registration at: https://d6family.com/d6conference/


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