The Chosen: Watch and Discuss

Christian cinema is not always top notch. At least in the money given towards it, the special effects, the actors and actresses, or the storylines. Wow, I guess I could’ve just left that last line and off! We understand, though. The big money of Hollywood and the corruption that comes with it is not backing it. So it usually looks a little different. But for the most part, the content and the message in Christian movies is clean, God-honoring, and hopefully Biblical. That’s why we tolerate some of the low budgets. However, it is getting better as of late. One show in particular that seems to be doing a really good job is The Chosen. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend it. You can find the show on Netflix, VidAngel, or just download the Chosen App to watch all the shows. 

Now I do with this show as I do with any show that has any teaching of Jesus or any Christian leanings. I critique it to my wife and daughter (who roll their eyes) and to anyone who will listen. I’m always taking new applications for people who wish to hear me too! What I do like about this show is they take a little bit of a fresh, different approach that others haven’t done in the past with the story of Jesus. They follow the gospels telling of what happened, while also filling in a little of the background of many of the characters. I have no problem with this. It makes it interesting to watch and it helps you to picture it in real life. All in all, I feel like they have done a very good job of sticking to the truth, without changing the true meaning. 

I just watched the last episode a few nights ago. The way the episodes come out is, while they receive donor money coming in, they are actively filming more episodes. Currently they just wrapped up season 2. The goal is to have 7 seasons. So in the most recent episode (SPOILER ALERT!!), they led up to Jesus’ sermon on the mount. Hopefully this isn’t a spoiler alert, because I’m guessing you’ve probably read the real thing. If you haven’t read any of the Bible, let me just give a big spoiler. God wins! He’s always been the winner with no doubt ever conceived! And you should turn to Him in faith! Now back to the episode. I wasn’t a big fan of how they made Him seem like a famous Evangelist or Pastor getting ready for this big, publicized crusade. Sometimes they take some creative liberties, but as I said, for the most part, it’s a great show. 

Here’s my advice for how to use this for church or Bible study: watch it with people and comment after, using the Bible to confirm, ask questions, or talk. We’ve done this and it’s a great tool to get people to possibly see things in a new way that maybe they didn’t notice in just reading. It also helps me use those things I don’t necessarily agree with and start a discussion on it, while drawing everything back to the Bible. It helps people learn to read the Bible, develop critical, Biblical thinking skills, and just learn the truth. And…it’s a pretty good show.


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