Randall’s New Chair and Director of Christian Ministry

“Randall University is proud to announce Dr. Stephen Ashby as our new Chair and Director of Christian Ministry! We are looking forward to all Dr. Ashby will bring to Randall this Fall!

President Robert G. Thompson is proud to announce that Dr. Stephen Ashby will serve as the Chair and Director of Christian Ministry at Randall University beginning Fall 2021.

Dr. Ashby is well known and respected for his theological scholarship and contributions to the Free Will Baptist denomination as pastor and scholar, including articulating the Reformed Arminian Position on Eternal Security. Said President Thompson, “We have missed Dr. Ashby’s active presence on campus. We are blessed to have him here.”

Dr. Ashby gained his PH.D. from Bowling Green State University. He also gained a Bachelor’s degree from Free Will Baptist College as well as a Masters of Religious Education and a Masters of Divinity degree from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary. He also got a Masters of Education degree from Lynchburg College.

Dr. Ashby can be reached at 405-692-5416

His wife, Patti, of 43 years serves as registrar at Randall University and his son Serogia works at Hobby Lobby.”


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