Beautiful Update from the Simmons

“Testimonies heard today: “Before I gave my life to Jesus, I was angry & beat my kids for the smallest reasons; I don’t do that anymore.” “I put the Word of God & church as first priority. If an animal gets lost on a church/discipleship day, I don’t go looking for it—I go to study the Word of God! Often, when I get home, the lost animal will be there waiting on me.”
“The Word of God has changed me.” (Spoken by many!❤️) Before I knew about Jesus, I felt like I was walking in the dark. I didn’t know where to go.” “I didn’t even know what prayer was—now I RUN to Jesus with everything!” “I used to talk bad about everyone & hate everyone. Now I love people!” “I wasn’t a part of the group, but then I saw how the lives of the women were different after they learned the Word of God. I wanted that, too!! So I began coming. My life has changed!”
WOW WOW WOW! Thank you, Lord for Your love and transforming power in the lives of these ladies!! What a joy!!
(See the new beads they gave me?! What a touching gift, that they would sacrifice to pitch in together to buy me the latest Samburu women’s fashion. ❤️❤️)”

Follow the Simmons on Facebook! They are great about communicating needs and praises on their page!


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