The 107th Annual Texas State Meeting

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that it was great to be back together with a semblance of normalcy. But, what is normal anymore? If you attended you would have felt the same sense of happiness and sense of urgency to spread the gospel. Part of the experience of being at the meetings is we get to be around other like-minded believers, encourage each other, and get motivated to do go back out and share the gospel!

Pastor Faron Thebeau did a fantastic job of bringing the word and firing us up to jump into the mission–the great commission! He shared a little of what God is doing through him and his ministry at Mosaic Church (that he planted) in Rolla, Missouri. Faron is “becoming all things” and doing whatever he can to “reach as many as possible” in the diverse city that God has sent him. The Mosaic has a unique opportunity to engage with people from many countries around the world. Faron is capitalizing on these and making disciples.

It was great meeting with everyone and seeing what all is happening in all of our churches around the state, seeing what new ministries are in the works, and just being encouraged. The world may be going the wrong direction, but God is most definitely doing big things! If you, or your church is ever tempted to think otherwise, I challenge you to reach out to your brother and sisters in the church. Talk with each other. Share what God is doing. Hear what others are doing and what God is doing now, so that you will know with certainty that He is still working. Go and make disciples!


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