WNAC Accepting Applications

“As you probably already know, Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges has announced her resignation as the WNAC Executive Director.

The Search Committee is accepting applications for a replacement.  We are asking you, as State Promotional Directors, to let the ladies in your state know of this opening.  If there is a woman who is interested in applying for this position, all information, including the application and required attachments, can be found on our website at wnac.org.  We are accepting applications until May 15, 2021.

We request that you announce this opportunity at your state association meetings or other gatherings of Free Will Baptists.

It is the Search Committee’s desire that all FWB women who are involved in WNAC are made aware of this position opening.

Thank you for your faithful dedication to your state and to Free Will Baptists.”

WNAC Search Committee

Lee Ann Wilfong (MO), Chairman

Pam Hackett (SC)

Jonda Patton (KY)

Sarah Sargent (OH)

Tracy Payne (OK)

Khristi Shores (OK)

Jessica Edwards (TN)

Katie Postlewaite (SC)


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