Truth and Peace

“As someone who is interested in furthering the kingdom, I wanted to let you know about an opportunity that has been provided to me for the Summer of 2021. I have been accepted as 2021 Truth and Peace Student Leadership Conference of the Free Will Baptist Denomination and would consider it an honor for you to support me as I raise funds for the training and travel this opportunity requires. 

Truth and Peace is made up of teenagers from across the denomination who have displayed potential to lead in their community, school, and church. This group will meet in Moore, Oklahoma, on the Campus of Randall University for leadership training before traveling to the Vertical Three Conference in Memphis, Tennessee. The purpose of Truth and Peace is to train, motivate, and encourage high school students to impact their world through biblical leadership. 

I am excited for the opportunity to meet and work with people my age. Also, I hope to gain meaningful relationships to help me grow spiritually.  I am looking forward to the leadership training that I will be receiving. I want this to be an opportunity to better myself and grow as a Christian and student leader.

The total cost of this trip is $1,500 for each student. I would greatly appreciate any donation you would be willing to contribute. It is my hope this trip will not only be a blessing to those we visit but will impact my own life as well. Thanks in advance for your support. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me via or 832-472-1490. I am including the link below that will take you to my profile page where you can make donations if you choose.”


Brandon Bailey


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