Hodges Retirement

Hodges Announces Her Retirement From WNAC 

Antioch, TN—During its monthly WNAC Board Zoom meeting, Tuesday, January 19, the WNAC Board accepted a notice of retirement from Executive Director Elizabeth Hodges, effective December 31, 2021. 

Elizabeth submitted the official letter stating, “For several years, I have talked about God’s timing. In recent weeks, He has made very clear the time is now. It has been my honor and privilege to serve Free Will Baptist women for these ten and a half years.” 

After serving as an educator and administrator for 29 years, Elizabeth changed roles in 2010 to become the sixth executive director of WNAC, the Free Will Baptist women’s ministry department. Having recently reached “official” retirement age, she has prayerfully decided it is time to pass the baton. 

During Hodges’ tenure, WNAC became a national department, the eighth agency of the National Association. Elizabeth was an important guide during this transition, leading Free Will Baptist women through waters they had not crossed before. As a direct result of her leadership, WNAC has seen new ministries blossom and bloom in Free Will Baptist women’s ministry, both at home and abroad. 

Shortly after being approved as executive director in 2010, Elizabeth stated “WNAC offers fertile ground for older women to mentor younger women, passing the baton of faith given to us. However, we need the help of younger women as we seek to engage the culture where we have been placed to serve.” 

Over her decade in the office, this quote has taken shape as she sought to implement her vision, guiding and working with the WNAC board, state leaders, and many others to ThriveShine, and Flourish. WNAC will continue to Thrive in the long-standing ministries of WNAC, such as the Lucille Stewart Missions Provision Closet, serving and supporting our missionaries. We will Shine as we help young women realize their worth, and we will continue to Flourish as we provide opportunities for each woman to fulfill the Great Commission through her God-designed roles at home and abroad. 

WNAC Board Chair Amy Johnson stated, “A true student of the Scriptures and a lifetime learner, Elizabeth Hodges has given above and beyond during her years as Executive Director. She has helped encourage, uplift, and lead ladies throughout this denomination. I’ve had the privilege of serving beside her on mission trips in three other countries, and she is the real deal!” 

While we honor and celebrate the tenure of Elizabeth Hodges, we also must turn our attention to the transition ahead. The WNAC Board is currently developing a profile for selecting the next executive director. While not yet receiving recommendations or resumes, a forthcoming news release will provide information regarding the timeline and details for the selection process. 

For more information about WNAC and its ministries, visit www.wnac.org. 


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