Mexico Missions Update

“Getsemani Children’s home was founded 15 years ago by John & Paulina Bivens. Located in the village of Morelos, State of Coahuila in Northern Mexico across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. Currently we have 15 children, some of whom have been with us the entire 15 years. We also have ten staff members. The town of Morelos has been very good to us, the town having donated five acres to John in order to start the orphanage. John was raised in the Woodcrest Free Will Baptist Church in Catoosa & attended the FWB Seminary in Reynosa, Mexico where he met Paulina, who was raised in the First Free Will Baptist Church in Reynosa. We are so proud of John & Paulina & they do a great job. One of our workers is legally blind, and Keli is completely blind. Two of our workers grew up in the orphanage and went on to higher Ed & returned to work with us. Isacc is director of our Christian school & The other one is Jesi, who cooks the noon meal. The kids are as sweet as they can be & are taught the Word. All 25 meet every afternoon for prayer. Pray for us during this lockdown that God will continue to meet our needs & keep us safe. Thank you, Bud Bivens” – Missionary to Mexico


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