Analogy from a Church Member

“If you walk up to the White House, try to enter and say “I know the president, let me in!”… You’ll be met with secret service and a heavy show of force. It’s not enough. They will NOT let you enter. But…. If you walk up and the President says “I know him. Let him in.”…. You’ll be welcomed with open arms. The kingdom of heaven is just like this. Do you actually have a relationship with Jesus? It’s not enough to just “know” who He is. Even the Devil knows who Jesus is. Faith in Him is a two way relationship. When we have a sense of commitment, repent, and truly have a relationship with him we’ll get the red carpet to heaven. That’s true faith, and that’s what the Bible teaches. Some church’s teach that just “belief” in Jesus is all you need. Dear friends belief is easy. Faith is a commitment.” – Steven Brown


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