CTS News

“In an effort to provide an opportunity for students to have some means of displaying their work for the year, Vertical Three is hosting a CTS Ministry Expo Showcase.

Every CTS participant, including those who may have not advanced from a district competition, is encouraged to display their work on the CTS Ministry Expo Showcase Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/CTSshowcase

We appreciate all the hard work the students, coaches, and parents have invested throughout the year and offer this group as an opportunity to share your work. This will be for showcase only, no awards or judging comments will be provided. 

List the category and church name if you prefer. It is recommended that the names of students not be included. Entries should follow regular time limits.

The Showcase will begin June 15 and conclude July 17. Various categories will display their work on different weeks.

Week 1 (June 15-19) – Creative Art (post a photo of the work) (Reminder, art entries for 2021 will have to be created after this virtual conference.)

Week 2 (June 22-26) – Vocal Music (post a video of the performance)

Week 3 (June 29 – July 3) – Instrumental Music, Creative Writing, Digital Media & Exhibition (post a video, demonstration, or document)

Week 4 (July 6-10) – Drama & Communication Art (post a video of the performance)

Week 5 (July 13-17) – Bible Memorization & Bible Games demo (post a video of one selection being recited or a few minutes of a mock game)

All posts will be approved by a group administrator and available for viewing. Participants are encouraged to share their posts with their church members, friends, and family members.

State leaders are encouraged to share this information through their channels of communication.

Please contact us if you have questions or recommendations on how to improve the Showcase.

Thank you for your ministry to the youth of our denomination.”

Danny Conn, Ed.D.

Director of Editorial & Strategic Projects

Randall House Publications

114 Bush Rd. Nashville TN 37217 



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