Reopening Church

“Walking back into the buildings called churches will be far from “business as usual.” Join us as we discuss simple and practical ways of rejoining our church communities after COVID-19.

Mark your calendars 🗓️ D6 Family is going live on Facebook three days in a row this week. Dr. Ron Hunter will talk with these leading voices in #fammin. Join the conversation of “Reopening the Church: Rejoining Community After COVID-19.”

Be equipped and encouraged as a parent or ministry leader.

Episode 1 on Tuesday, April 28, 10am (CST) Sam Luce (Youth Minister), Dr. Richard Ross (Professor, Youth and Family Ministry) & Jay Strother (Lead Pastor)

Episode 2 on Wednesday, April 29, 10am (CST) Dr. Eddie Moody (Counselor, Lead Pastor, Key Denominational Leader), Lydia Randall (Children’s Minister, Family Ministry) & Ed Stetzer (Professor, Missional Thought Leader, Consultant)

Episode 3 on Thursday, April 30, 10am (CST) Ken Braddy (Leader at LifeWay, former Pastor, LifeGroup Leader), Brian Haynes (Lead Pastor, Family Ministry Consultant) & Marianne Howard (Youth Minister, D6Plus Leader, Pastor’s Wife)”

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