National News

“Today, the Executive Office of the National Association of Free Will Baptists announced that July’s National Association in Oklahoma City would be a streamlined convention described in more detail a little later by the Executive Office.

Especially disappointing will be the absence of the CTS Ministry Expo Competition. For many, preparations and practices began soon after last year’s competition in Cincinnati, so today’s announcement is particularly disheartening and unpleasant. Reminding competitors of the intrinsic value of their studies might not be met with a nod today, but we know better! And speaking of competition, the 2021 CTS Study Pack CD will be available for purchase at Randall House or by phone at (800) 877.7070, beginning July 20.

What’s not missing are the Vertical Three Conference worship service, which so many look forward to each year. We look forward to sharing plans for an on-demand worship services for students, 456ers, kids, and preschoolers soon. For updates go to and Facebook at:

So, while some things will change, others will not. Together we will make July’s meeting memorable for other than the obvious reasons now.

Please know we are available to answer your questions and provide you with assistance as needed.

800.877.7030 x 347

diane.conn@randallhouse.com800.877.7030 x 331

Diane Conn | Events Department

Randall House Publications
114 Bush Rd. Nashville, TN 37217
615.361.1221 | 800.877.7030
Resolved | Daniel 1:8”


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