Fun Resources for Kids and Teens (or adults)

I just wanted to share a few quick items I have found to be useful in kid and teen ministry right now.

Zoom video lessons are great because the kids can interact and ask questions. This is as close as we can get to “regular” children’s church and youth group as possible. We use this for our small groups also.

I also send the parents of young kids easy craft ideas along with a new video link each week from:

BEST video resource I’ve ever found: RightNowMedia. It’s expensive, but a ton of their resources are FREE right now. Take advantage- there are great lessons for older kids, teens, and adults. A lot of resources are available for kids and adults all the time. Good quality teen and young adult resources are tougher to come by. This is the best material I have seen for that age group! They have many lessons for younger kids too.

Please feel free to comment and share resources you have found useful to your ministry.


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