WMO Changes

“Good Afternoon,

 I trust that you are all doing well, and are healthy! Needless to say we are all living some challenging times never before experienced.

 The IM Development team just wants to touch base with you about what is going on in IM and especially our department. Our team is meeting several times a week trying to deal with the daily changes that our world and our churches are going through. Because you, all our pastors and denominational leaders are dealing with so many difficult and new situations, we are trying to adapt and be very sensitive to your situation and needs.

 One of the changes that IM has made is the date of the WMO offering. Instead of April 26 that date has been changed to August 30. Our pastors and churches are struggling enough to stay afloat and minster to their members, and most will not be physically meeting that day. It would be difficult to receive a special offering.

 April 26 will remain World Missions Sunday, not for the WMO offering, but for prayer.  We are suggesting that this be a time of prayer for IM missionaries, those on the field who are isolated from their families, and for those in the US trying to raise support. We want it to be a time of prayer for our pastors here and around the world as they struggle to minister. And lastly, we can focus prayer on all those who have been touched by the virus.

 There is no way of knowing the extent of the damage and the effects this pandemic will have on the local churches and world missions. What we do know is that our God is a sovereign God, He is still in control and that we are His.

 Please let us know how we can assist you in any way as we continue to strive to get the Gospel to those who have never heard the Good News. God bless you and keep you safe.

Jerry Gibbs”


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