D6 App Resource for Churches

“Like you, I have watched and read where so many church services are being canceled or live streamed. State meetings for the next few weeks are also now being postponed or canceled. With the idea of discipleship not being restricted to a church location or service but an activity that we engage in daily, this coronavirus offers us a chance to help create new habits for our people. We cannot quarantine the gospel. During and after COVID-19, the coronavirus, maybe families will continue with these easy ways to initiate conversations that are both fun and lead to faith development.
I am concerned for our churches in regard to future attendance, support, and how this affects everyone. People are stressing, maybe even panicking based upon the empty shelves at the grocery store. Now is the time for the Body of Christ, His Church, to shine. There is nothing better than getting our people into the Word every day and Randall House has put together an easy way for you to pass along to your pastors and the families within the church. When you send updates, it will be refreshing for them to read, in addition to all these cancellations, about free useful resources that help. You can copy the paragraph below and include your emails to your pastors.
Randall House compiled fun and engaging activities that people can do in their homes while social distancing is being practiced. Families need easy wins in these difficult times. In addition to daily devotional studies that coincide with the normal small group lessons at church, Randall House packed some fun activities as well with family fun questions, family fun nights, home connections, links to podcasts, and some encouraging videos. It is all free. The easiest way to get all of this is to download the D6 app to your apple or android device. It truly is that simple. Imagine your church families emerging from this virus with newfound habits of connecting with the Word and each other daily. The D6 app helps families transform these scary moments into special ones. Now you can give your people something for every day.
Leading is serving,
ronhunter, Ph.D.
executive director & ceo
of Randall House and D6 Ministries D6 Conference Director – @ronhunterco-founder of the D6 ConferenceAmazon author page
114 Bush RoadNashville, TN 37217800-877-7030 x 303


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